A statement from the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus on Canada’s vote at the UN General Assembly

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Canadian Rabbinic Caucus
|December 19, 2023

Please find below a statement from the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus on Canada’s vote at the UN General Assembly last week.

The Canadian Rabbinic Caucus is uniquely placed to represent the diversity of the Canadian Jewish community. We are rabbis representing the many colours of Canadian Jews’ religious practices and social backgrounds. We come together united today, appalled by the Canadian government’s unprincipled stance in the UN General Assembly to support a ceasefire which demands no concession by, or condition upon, Hamas - an organisation that in its infamous action of October 7th has revealed itself to be as barbarous as the most malign and dark forces in world history. The Canadian government, in taking this action, with no reference to hostages or in fact any act of agency on the part of Hamas, is party to constructing a world in which the most heinous deeds are rewarded.

Members of the CRC hold a range of views on Israel, but we are united that no nation, least of all Israel, should have the security of its citizens be decided by the waxing and waning of fair-weather friends far away. Israel, though flawed like all democracies, deserves support as it establishes security for its embattled citizens. This is not a blank cheque - Israel is answerable to the dictates of humanity and international norms as all nations are. Yet as long as the scourge of Hamas’ terrorist regime retains power, its threat remains unabated.

Canadian Jews and its many friends do not support Israel solely from the ties of family friendship that bind Canadian Jews and Israel together. Through their collective historical experience, Canadian Jews are keenly aware that small peoples are too often and too easily sacrificed abroad and domestically for the sake of appeasing domestic opinion. We call on the Canadian government to take a stand of principle that will aid the collective security of all embattled states in this time of geopolitical peril. A principled position in favour of hostage return, Hamas’ surrender, and Israeli ceasefire would be aligned with Canada’s previously stated positions.

Co-chairs,Canadian Rabbinic Caucus:

Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl
Kehillat Beth Israel, Ottawa
Beth Tzedec Congregation, Toronto, ON

Rabbi Jonathan Infeld 
Beth Israel Vancouver, Vancouver, BC  

Rabbi Debra Landsberg 
Temple Emanu-El, Toronto, ON 

Rabbi Reuben Poupko 
Beth Israel Beth Aaron, Côte Saint-Luc, QC  

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