A Word from our Chairs: Halt Antisemitism

May 26, 2021 | A Word From Our Chair, Publications

We are experiencing an alarming spike in antisemitism in Canada.

If you don’t act, who will?

Take concrete action here!

Inaction increases the chance that Jewish children will face a future of fear in their neighbourhoods, their schools, and community institutions.

You can, you must, do something about it.

Take Action Now!

Consider this.

In Canada…

Jews pelted with stones on the street in Montreal. Pro-Palestinian “activists” driving through Jewish neighbourhoods in Edmonton demanding to know “where the Jews live.” Armed anti-Israel thugs arrested in Cote-Saint Luc. Students at Wilfrid Laurier University posting videos of themselves stabbing the air at an Israeli flag. Jewish businesses defaced in Halifax and targeted across the country. Jewish Canadians harassed relentlessly on social media.

Around the world…

Jews dining in Los Angeles assaulted by Palestinian flag-wavers chanting “Death to Jews!” A man wearing a kippah brutally assaulted in Times Square. Arab youth in vehicles draped in Palestinian flags driving through a Jewish neighbourhood in London yelling, “Rape their daughters!” Protestors in Brussels chanting “Jews, remember Khaybar. The army of Muhammad is returning!”


Ask our federal government to convene an emergency summit to address growing antisemitism online and on our streets – for the safety of the Jewish community and for the benefit of all Canadians.

Only by raising our voices together can this scary trend be reversed.

Silence has consequences.

Take a stand against antisemitism. Take Action!

The Jewish community is resilient. We will not be intimidated. And we will not remain silent in the face of rising Jew hatred.

In solidarity,

Joel Reitman Jeffrey Rosenthal
Co-Chairs, CIJA Board

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