Canada Votes Against Anti-Israel Resolutions at the UN Human Rights Council

by Noah Shack
Government Relations Research Associate, Canada-Israel Committee

The United Nations Human Rights Council today, Thursday March 26th, approved five anti-Israel resolutions which took issue with Israel’s continued settlement activity, its treatment of West Bank Palestinians and its January military operation in Gaza.

Canada was the sole country to vote against the resolutions. They were joined in one instance by the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, who opposed the resolution against Israeli military activity in Gaza. To date the council has passed 26 anti-Israel resolutions out of the 32 motions to censure countries which it has approved since its inception in June 2006.

Transcripts of Canada’s statements regarding these resolutions are not yet available. You can read the UNHRC press release on the votes here.

  1. Human Rights in the Occupied Syrian Golan
    Yes – 33
    Abstain – 13
    No – 1
  2. Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan
    Yes – 46
    Abstain – 0
    No – 1
  3. Human Rights Violations Emanating from the Israeli Military Attacks and Operations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Particularly the Recent Ones in the Occupied Gaza Strip
    Yes – 35
    Abstain – 8
    No – 4
  4. The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination
    Accepted Without a Vote
  5. Follow Up to Resolution S9/1 on the grave violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly due to the recent Israeli military attacks against the occupied Gaza Strip
    Yes – 33
    Abstain – 13
    No – 1