The Centre Commemorates Raoul Wallenberg

JANUARY 17, 2012

Toronto, ON – In honour of Raoul Wallenberg Day, which was established ten years ago by Parliament to be observed every January 17th, David Koschitzky, Chair of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, issued the following statement:

“Raoul Wallenberg Day serves two important purposes. First, it reminds us that, just as we must never forget the horrors of the Holocaust, we must honour those who took action to save lives at great personal risk.

“Known as the ‘Righteous Among the Nations’, countless individuals resisted the cruel power of Nazi Germany and demonstrated that even a single person of conscience can have an extraordinary impact. Raoul Wallenberg’s tireless and solitary campaign, in which he used his diplomatic post to provide safe haven for the doomed Jews of Hungary, is credited with saving thousands.

“As Canadian Jews, we are blessed to be citizens of a country that values freedom and human rights as universal, core principles. Indeed, these are the bedrock values of a country that sacrificed so much in the fight against Nazi Germany – something for which all Canadians can be proud.

“This speaks to the second purpose of Raoul Wallenberg Day. For it is a day that should inspire us not only to preserve these values for future generations, but to continue to take a firm stand against evil. We can best honour his legacy by speaking up and taking action on behalf of those who face persecution around the world.”


To see Minister Kenney’s statement on Raoul Wallenberg Day, click here.

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