The Canadian Boat to Gaza’s Failure to Launch

In the ongoing saga of the Canadian Boat to Gaza, reports have revealed a plague of missteps and mishaps that have prevented the vessel from embarking on its mission.

After being denied permission to launch, the ship illegally attempted to evade the Greek Coast Guard just off the coast of Crete – which quickly overtook and boarded the vessel. A brief tow back to port resulted in an accident, when the Canadian Boat slammed against a concrete structure – causing damage and a diesel leak.

The Canadian Boat to Gaza is now without power, and three of its organizers have been detained by Greek authorities. Two of the organizers are being charged after using kayaks in an effort to block the Greek Coast Guard, and one – as the owner of the Canadian vessel – has been charged with setting sail without permission. For reports on this story, click here and here.

The flotilla's rejection of Greece's offer to transport all humanitarian aid to Gaza has unmasked its true objective. But events of the past few days, including absurd efforts to defy the law, have frustrated the flotilla's mission to provoke a violent clash with the Israeli navy. Although the situation remains in flux at this point, it's clear that the flotilla is falling flat in its drive to generate a dangerous political stunt. 

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