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At CIJA, the security of our community is our top priority, which is why we offer a range of free services to ensure that Jewish institutions, their staff, and members are protected. In addition to the preventative measures outlined below, CIJA is in continual contact with local, provincial, and federal law enforcement in order to identify and mitigate threats to our community as they evolve.

Our services:

Security assessments

A security assessment is performed to identify the security preparedness of an institution. Security assessments are risk-based and focus on the organization’s vulnerabilities and the potential impact of identified security gaps. Written assessments include recommended measures that, once implemented, will provide the organization with the confidence that they have taken appropriate and effective measures to protect their premises. As threat levels change and circumstances evolve, it is necessary for institutions to ensure that their assessment remains current and, if need be, review their security measures in partnership with CIJA.

Security briefings

A security briefing is designed to educate participants on proper procedures and protocols in a lockdown, evacuation or other emergencies. This is a comprehensive briefing that covers such topics as situational awareness, reporting procedures, appropriate access and monitoring systems, and lockdown protocols.

Tailored training sessions for security personnel

CIJA offers tailored training sessions or workshops for staff and volunteers in the Jewish community who hold security-related responsibilities at their institutions. The training includes intruder simulations and methods of coordinating security within the institution, and in partnership with the broader Jewish community and law enforcement. Security personnel and volunteers will be trained on how to secure their specific buildings or facilities both on a day-to-day basis and during sensitive times or specific events, such as the High Holy Days.

Training for lockdowns

Once a school, synagogue or other community institution has undergone a security assessment, and the majority of security recommendations have been implemented, the CIJA Security team will conduct lockdown drills with participants to ensure all users of the facility are capable of implementing a lockdown quickly and efficiently. Staff will be trained in performing drills and encouraged to do so on a regular basis.

Assistance with the Security Infrastructure Program (SIP)

CIJA has extensive experience in government relations and, in particular, supporting Jewish organizations seeking federal assistance with their security needs. The CIJA team is available to assist organizations with completing the SIP grant documents and with obtaining some of the required background documentation and information.

Liaising with law enforcement

Through ongoing communication with local, provincial, and federal law enforcement agencies, the CIJA Security team is able to identify, assess and mitigate the impact of potential threats to the Jewish community. CIJA proactively works to ensure that police remain mindful and up-to-date on trends and issues of concern.


CIJA works in direct collaboration with Federation CJA’s Department of Community Security, which provides first-line security services to Jewish community institutions in Quebec.

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