Issues Education

Our initiatives under issues education include, but are not limited to, the following. Each embraces principles of informal education and aims to create a safe environment wherein participants are comfortable sharing ideas and opinions while exploring multiple perspectives.

Intra-Jewish dialogues

Trained facilitators lead groups of Jewish participants in dialogues and conversations of meaning around topics of importance such as social justice issues, poverty, antisemitism, and personal relationships with Israel.

Inter-group dialogues

Meeting with members of other ethnic or religious communities, dialogues are facilitated around issues of commonalities and differences- such as social justice issues, persecution etc.

Holiday specific programming

Under the LEAD umbrella educational inserts and conversation guides are provided to synagogues and community organizations around themes of specific holidays. Example: 4 Questions insert circulated across Canada over Passover.

Unity not Uniformity

Taking the form of panel discussions, town-hall meetings or facilitated conversations- contentious or confusing issues are explored in a respectful and authentic manner.

Key Issues Updates

Specialists will present update on issue of importance followed by moderated question and answer period.

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For more information please contact Judy Zelikovitz.

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