Flotilla Update: Mavi Marmara May Not Proceed

The chief sponsor of the Gaza flotilla – and the Mavi Marmara in particular – has announced today that it may not proceed with this year's effort to breach the arms blockade of Gaza.

A spokesperson for the Turkish-based IHH revealed to the media: "We think we can achieve our goals regardless of whether we send the Marmara ship to Gaza or not. We shall make a final decision by the end of the week."

If the IHH fully bows out from this year's flotilla, it will represent a substantial shift in the situation. Among the six ship's in last year's flotilla, the Mavi Marmara was the only one that saw violence, after a large group of extremists orchestrated a vicious attack on Israeli troops who boarded using non-violent means.

However, organizers of other vessels in this year's flotilla have already stated that they will proceed according to plan, regardless of the IHH's final decision.

For a full report on this developing situation, click here.

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