Call to Action on Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) Israel Boycott Resolution

As many of you will be aware through today’s news reports, the Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) Annual Meeting will be the target of a boycott resolution calling on the company to stop buying Israeli goods. If adopted, this non-binding resolution would set a terrible precedent. It is therefore critical that we work together to ensure its defeat.

What You Can Do

If you live in the Vancouver area and are a member in good standing of MEC, you are eligible to vote. Plan to attend the AGM and vote against the resolution to boycott Israeli goods.
If you are unable to attend the AGM, and even if you are NOT an MEC member, please take a moment to write to the MEC management. Please keep your letters positive and respectful, opposing the boycott resolution and stressing the fact that MEC already has an excellent policy on ethical sourcing which should not be changed.

Details appear below:

Call to Action on Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)
Israel Boycott Resolution
Please Support Mountain Equipment Co-op’s
Ethical Sourcing Policy

A resolution calling on the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) to cease purchasing products from Israeli manufacturers is being proposed at the MEC Annual General Meeting on Thursday, April 30. The resolution, which includes particularly odious characterizations of Israel as an apartheid state, is being proposed by a small but vocal group of MEC members.

The resolution is contrary to MEC’s established environmental and ethical sourcing policies, with which these Israeli companies are in full compliance.

Following is important information:
1. The meeting takes place Thursday, April 30, 2009; 6:00 p.m. (doors open at 5:15 pm) at the Segal School of Business, SFU Downtown, 500 Granville Street.

2. You must be a member in good standing of MEC to attend the meeting and must bring with you your membership card and two additional pieces of identification in order to be admitted to the AGM. If you and your spouse are members together only the member-of-record whose name is on the card can attend the meeting.

3. MEC has a long-established and excellent sourcing policy ( – follow links for Ethical Sourcing) which the board and management has a record of upholding. It is not the practice of MEC to take sides in political disputes, and the proposed resolution is not consistent with this practice and history. In that context our desired outcome is to demonstrate support for the existing policy and to defeat the proposed resolution.

4. If you plan to attend the meeting as an MEC member please contact the Canada-Israel Committee, Pacific Region office by phone at 604-622-4242 or by e-mail to let us know. Provide your name and contact information so that we can contact you with further information in advance of the meeting.

5. If you are not an MEC member or cannot attend the meeting you can still be helpful by communicating your support for MEC’s existing sourcing policy to Denise Lawson, Chair, or David Labistour, CEO at 149 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5Y 4A6; 604-707-3300; or

6. If you are not an MEC member but are available Thursday, April 30 and would still like to help counter the boycott resolution, please contact the CIC, Pacific Region office as noted above and we will be in touch.

It is important to note that the Mountain Equipment Co-op is a responsible organization with well-established governance and business practices. MEC is not anti-Israel or anti-Jewish. They are a co-operative with a broad and diverse membership, and some of its members are seeking to advance a resolution harmful to Israeli businesses that exhibit the highest standards of environmental and ethical practices. By acting in a thoughtful and disciplined manner we can defeat the resolution and uphold MEC’s existing policies.

For more information contact Shelley Rivkin at 604-257-5100 or

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  • Hillerie Denning

    I was appalled when I learned that the teachers union was so ignorant of the facts regarding Palestinian “homeland” – which is a complete misnomer. Further if they wish to boycott products countries that have engaged in genocidal activities, or countries that have been involved in flagrant violations of international law why not pick on China or North Korea.

  • Michael Warsh

    It is always diconcerting when business people or artists delve into areas of which they have litte knowledege.

    These political matters are complicated and anybody who jumps in without a very thorough background will most likely humiliate themselves!

    Socrates said that when you want to about medicine go to a physician, when you want to know about business go to a businessman. The co-op should stick to what it knows.

  • Paul Cerar

    Dear Friends:

    Please remember boycotts can work both ways. Would you please publish (and forward to me in Toronto) the names, addresses, and photographs of these fascists, so everyone can boycott them?

    Yours truly,

    Paul Cerar

  • Sherpa Fish

    Michael Warsh said:
    “The co-op should stick to what it knows”

    Read the article again. This is NOT an action by MEC. It is a proposed action from a group of teachers (or teacher’s union activists)… they are just using MEC’s democratic process to further their private agenda.
    In my opinion, the teacher’s union doesn’t even expect to pass this resolution at the Co-op’s AGM… they are just using it as a platform to access the spotlight of the media. And it’s worked very well. Unfortunately, MEC gets tarred by the same brush.

  • Barak Eitan

    What is truly distressing is the deliberate historical revisionism, which only 61 years after the world’s guilty response to the holocaust-voting in the UN to give the Jews a country, AND the Palestinians a country which they refused- we are accused of being Nazis. The distortion and outright misrepresentation of the facts by the Palestinians themselves and a complicit media have managed to convince everyone that white is black. Why is no one acknowledging that the Palestinians very real problems are of their own doing, that they don’t, and never have honored their agreements,that in fact they don’t want peace with Israel. They don’t want Israel. They are destroying themselves and sacrificing their children to their god, which is hate, and which will eventually destroy them. They said no to a country in 1948 and they continue to say no, preferring lies and deceit, encouraged by their Muslim “friends” and European supporters. What would these good protesters do if rockets were landing in their backyards every day and suicide bombers were getting on their local buses? Uninformed hypocrites whom some would call useful idiots.
    Where is the outrage over Iran, Darfur, North Korea, China: these democratic bastions of human rights? Please, leave private, ethical, environmentally conscious companies alone. If you like, concentrate on women’s rights or gay rights in the region, in which case Israel will never be mentioned.

    Yours truly,
    Barak Eitan

  • Bill Giesbrecht

    Hi Friends.
    Having worked for the education system for 33 years, I am not surprised at the: Backed by the B.C. Teachers for Peace and Global Education.
    Most Teachers on the left and Liberal side are very forget some of the fact that many people could lose their jobs. Teacher by enlarge are not the Public’s friend their employers. If you question anything they get right hostel. I am against any boycotts of Israel. Will they also boycott Microsoft for selling XP Pro to Bill Gates? After all it was Israeli Computer Techs who wrote the operating system, plus most of the Medical Equipment in our Hospitals was created by Israeli Scientists.
    I have also been a Union member for those 33 years and had many disagreements with them (CUPE) because they are totally socialistic in nature and only think of their own agenda.
    Bill Giesbrecht

  • Kim

    I’d like to know what Mtn. equip. has on sale that’s made in Israel.
    Can you tell me?

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