Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun Criticize Proposed Mountain Equipment Co-op Israel Boycott

The Calgary Herald and the Vancouver Sun have come out against the proposed Mountain Equipment Co-op boycott of Israel. We have posted excepts from two columns and an editorial below, with links to the full articles:

Teachers’ groups and Hamas versus Israel
By Mark Milke, Calgary Herald
April 26, 2009

Reasonable people likely missed this fiery sermon, especially if they don’t speak Arabic, but an imam in Gaza recently did what too many Gaza leaders do: he blamed Jews for any problems that might beset some Muslims.

“Who is leading the fierce and vehement campaign in the world today against Islam and its people?” asked a preacher on Al-Aqsa TV, otherwise know as Hamas TV. The cleric offered his own rhetorical reply: “It is the nation of the Jews. It is the Jews who are leading the vehement campaign against the Muslims today.”

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Boycotting Israel not ethical
Editorial, Calgary Herald
April 27, 2009

Having set up the Mountain Equipment Co-Op as an “ethical,” customer-owned enterprise, the Vancouver-based MEC board has committed itself to letting those customers discuss what business practices may be considered ethical. However, it is a commitment to accept a certain amount of distracting nonsense as all in a day’s work, and the latest instance is a faction of the B. C. Teachers’ Federation that thinks the MEC should boycott Israeli-made products.

Why? Because when subjected to terrorist attacks from Gaza, Israel vigorously defended itself and in B. C. Teachers for Peace and Global Education’s (PAGE) view, oppressed help-less Palestinians.

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Getting one’s knickers in a twist over Israel
By Pete McMartin, Vancouver Sun
April 28, 2009

The offending articles of Zionist aggression are 79-per-cent recycled polyester, 17-per-cent virgin polyester and four-per-cent spandex.

They are underwear. They wick sweat, which makes them ideal for hiking, skiing or jogging. They are extremely comfortable. I happen to know this because I own several pair.

I bought them at Mountain Equipment Co-op, of which I am a member. MEC buys the underwear from a factory in Israel.

In the eyes of some, this makes MEC, not to mention me, an accomplice to the Israeli oppression of Palestinians. If clothes make the man, I’m a war criminal.

As a running dog of the fascist mainstream press, I can live with that. I’ve been called worse. Also, owning underwear that doesn’t chafe when I sweat is worth the criticism.

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  • David Pinto

    The link to the first item is the same as the link to the second item.
    In other words, there is no specific link to the item headlined as Teachers group and Hamas versus Israel.

    • Thank you for pointing out the broken link – it is now fixed!

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