The CIJA Team

The CIJA team is a dedicated group of professionals comprised of analysts, public affairs specialists, researchers, historians, pollsters, writers, editors, web and social-media practitioners, relationship-builders, and media-relation experts with decades of experience. Though different in many ways, they have this in common: they care deeply about the issues and they work had to advance them on behalf of the organized Jewish community.

Team members with this symbol after their names are part of CIJA's Speakers Bureau. Click to read more about them and their areas of expertise.


Catherine Morrow
Associate Director, Development
(416) 638-1991 x5619
Cindy Osheroff
Assistant Director, GTA Services & Project Management
(416) 638-1991 x5126
Colleen Decker
Manager, Strategic Communications
(416) 638-1991 x5617
Deborah Enyew
Assistant Director, Community Security
(416) 638-1991 x5394
Jaicar Colin-Thome
Executive Assistant
(416) 638-1991 x5624
Jay Solomon
Associate Director, Campus
(416) 638-1991 x5625
Jennilee Head
Executive Assistant, Greater Toronto Area
(416) 638-1991 x5712
Jordan Kerbel
Deputy Director, Communications and Advocacy Training
(416) 638-1991 x5142
Judy Zelikovitz
Vice President, University and Local Partner Services
(416) 638-1991 x5608
Monica Bozzi
Executive Assistant, University and Local Partner Services
(416) 638-1991
Noah Shack
Deputy Director, Research and Academic Affairs
(416) 638-1991 x5609
Paul Michaels
Director, Research and Media Relations
(416) 638-1991 x5610
Rachel Friedman
Manager, Digital Marketing
(416) 638-1991 x5611
Sara Lefton
Vice President, Greater Toronto Area
(416) 638-1991 x5735
Sarina Rehal
Senior Manager, Partnerships
(416) 638-1991 x5628
Stephen Adler
Associate Director, Ontario Government Relations
(416) 638-1991 x5718
Steve McDonald
Deputy Director, Communications and Public Affairs
(416) 638-1991 x5626


Allyson Grant
Program Coordinator, Universities and Local Partner Services
(613) 234-8271 ex 226
David Cooper
Director, Government Relations
(613) 234-8271 x244
Dylan Hanley
Associate Director, Government Relations and University Outreach
(613) 234-8271 x225
Martin Sampson
Director, Communications and Marketing
(613) 234-8271 x223
Richard Clark
Associate Director, Digital Communications
(613) 234-8271 x238
Richard Marceau
General Counsel and Senior Government Advisor
(613) 234-8271 x242
Shimon Fogel
Chief Executive Officer
(613) 234-8271 x240
Silvia Di Nardo
Executive Assistant to Shimon Fogel
(613) 234-8271 x239
Sumiko Yabushita
Administrative Assistant
(613) 234-8271 x241
Susan Marcus
Senior Accounts Payable Technician
(613) 234-8271 x232


Adam Cohen
National Director, Community Security
(514) 345-2645 x3061 1-844-204-4343
Antonella Marcone
Executive Assistant to Sara Saber-Freedman
(514) 345-6411 x3122
David Ouellette
Associate Director, Quebec Public Affairs
(514) 345-6411 x3675
Eta Yudin
Associate Director, Quebec Public Affairs and Jewish Community Relations
(514) 345-6411 x3169
Jonathan Schneiderman
Director of Development and Senior Government Advisor
(514) 345-6411 x3163
Joshua Wolfe
Assistant Director, Quebec Government Relations
(514) 345-6411 x3162
Luciano Del Negro
Vice President, Quebec
(514) 345-6411 x3678
Merissa Lichtsztral
Assistant Director, Quebec Public Policy
(514) 345-6411 x3674
Myriam Azogui-Halbwax
Associate Director, Community and University Relations
(514) 345-6411 x3673
Nina Assedo
Executive Assistant, Quebec
(514) 345-6411 x3166
Sara Saber-Freedman
Executive Vice President
(514) 343-8703


Alexandra Moses
Executive Assistant, Pacific Region
(604) 622-4240
Nico Slobinsky
Director, Pacific Region
(604) 622-4235
Shelley Rivkin
Associate Executive Director, Community Affairs - Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver
(604) 257-5192
Yael Levin
Manager, Community Relations
(604) 622-4240


David Weinberg
Director, Israel Office
011 972 2 566 6220
Franck Azoulay
Director, Missions
011 972 2 566 6220
Mireille Shabbetai
Assistant Director, Missions
011 972 2 566 6220

Atlantic Canada

Mark David
Consultant, Advocacy (AJC)
(902) 422-7491 x229

Other Regions — Local Partners

Judy Shapiro
Associate Executive Director, Calgary Jewish Federation
(403) 444-3153
Shelley Faintuch
Community Relations Director, Jewish Federation of Winnipeg
(204) 477-7423
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