Hon. Lorne Nystrom

Hon. Lorne Nystrom, P.C. was elected nine times a Member of Parliament from Saskatchewan, serving for more than 32 years, starting at age 22 in 1968 as the youngest MP in Canadian history. As a Parliamentarian, he specialized in economic and constitutional issues and gained extensive experience with both foreign affairs and trade issues. He was appointed a member of the Privy Council in 1993.

Outside Parliament Mr. Nystrom has worked on projects with Harvard University in Russia, and the United Nations in South Africa. His business background includes experience in China where he is a director / shareholder of a food safety company. He is a Vice-President of The Parliamentary Group, a consultancy comprised of former Canadian Parliamentarians from all parties, as well as former senior public servants.  He is a director and shareholder of a Solar Energy company involving both Chinese and North American partners. Fluent in English and French, business interests also include a partnership in a restaurant and editing a book on financial issues. He is a recipient of l’Ordre de la Pleiade, an award of the Republic of France